Panel 1
Caption: Frank and Ted cautiously consider their next move.
Frank and Ted exit the storage room in fighting stances
Ted: Hello?
Panel 2
Frank and Ted survey piles of destroyed robots.
Ted: What a mess.
Panel 3
Frank picks up a robot head and stares into its eyes.
Frank: All destroyed robots? Looks like they were only fighting each other?
Panel 4
Ted stoops down to look at another broken robot.
Ted: I haven't yet found you to be that irritating.
Panel 5
Frank and Ted look through a window into a junk room
Panel 6
Looking at a dead robot on the floor that looks identical to Ted
Frank: But they all look just like... us?
Ted: Nevermind that, clearly there is a great difference in philosophy.
Panel 7:
Close-up of Frank
Frank: So, we're not going to grab a few guns?

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